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And so the tour travels begin....

Motorway service stations. Oh man, this is where you can break out in a sweat, wondering whether to there are conflicting emotions.  You’re happy to get out the confines of the 9 man tour bus or stretch your legs after driving for a few hours. But the joy is short lived.....Met by extortion for petrol prices and an egg and cress sandwich......

However an oasis is on the horizon!!


Please, please, please - we need more of this. It truly has raised the bar. It’s a farmland oasis in a dark grey sea of endless tarmac. Don’t get me wrong you can get olive oil in lots of Service Stations but Tebay suggest an alternative - you WANT to sit down in Tebay, relax, have meaningful debates, you even want to talk to your touring buddies or family ffs.

I don’t know a service station like it and one day, long after we’ve shuffled off this mortal coil, Tebay will be all over the roads of the world.

People won’t realise just how good they have it. 

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