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Blown Away

A message to you all

Honestly, I was expecting to raise a couple hundred pounds for PWSA UK, so it’s with great pride I can tell you I have just transferred £1140.94 to the charity.

With it being the first raffle you just never know what will happen. To add Covid-19 into the mix made it even more of a mystery. So we were delighted with the outcome and that’s down to everyone who purchased a ticket.

You always support the band through all the hard time’s as well as the good times. Always there - constantly surprising and supporting me.

By aligning the first disc raffle with Prader-Willi Syndrome hopefully it will shine a wee bit of light on the charity as well.

It’s a terrible disorder and I know adults suffer from the syndrome but nothing breaks my heart more than seeing children struggle and suffer. Hopefully this worthwhile cause will benefit from the funds generated by each and every one of you.

Thank you


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