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Faversham Gig

Due to circumstances out with my control (and as mentioned on the Sunday Video) this Fridays gig in Faversham has been cancelled due to “technical difficulties“.

Without going into the full circumstances it would be fair to say the venue were unable to meet our tech specifications which had been communicated several times over many months without any suggestion a problem existed.

Those who know my set will understand my tech requirements are fairly simple so it’s a shame a theatre could not meet them - only communicating this on Friday.

I was looking forward to visiting the North Kent Coast and playing at the theatre but will now focus towards Southampton with a venue who have been great to deal with.

If you have a Faversham ticket the venue will be in touch, providing a refund and if you keep hold of your email it will permit you entry to the Southampton gig.

Its the least I can do under the circumstances as the support you continually show is always appreciated and I don’t like letting you down - even when it’s due to circumstances out with my control.


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