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Home Stretch

Can not believe we are pass the half way mark and on the home stretch.

It has has been a blast from day one. Back stage, on stage, life on the bus and living out a suitcase has been good.

We all miss our families and home comforts but playing music is what we do and having the opportunity to play to you all is a beautiful thing.

We were nervous at the start, not knowing how you guys would receive us, but you have sung loud, danced in the aisles (even when you weren’t suppose too lol).

The band stuff continues through the summer summer at festivals complimenting my solo work or perhaps that’s the other way round! Either way I love playing live, so come and pick up a ticket for my solo gigs.

I always come out after the show, spending time with the fans and love the interaction that brings. No VIP option as you are all VIPs to me.

I know now every penny is precious but hope you can join me, Fiona and some great support acts at a venue near you soon.

Check the tour page for details

Photo Credit - Sammy Jane

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