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To show my appreciation for all key workers I want to include you in the video for one of my songs.

This is a challenging and worrying time for many - especially those people who are working on the frontline to keep everyone safe.

In my opinion a key worker can be anyone from Nurses, Doctors and the police to shop workers, bus drivers, cleansing, teachers and everything in between. If you think someone deserves to be included just say.

So..... If you think you are a key worker or know one then I want your photos and videos for the song Clouds. These can be individual or group photos and feel free to add a smile, some happiness and a bit of humour along the way.

My vision is for the video to be snappy, happy flowing through the images and videos quickly so does not need to be a long video. Just a smile, funny face or people holding rainbows or signs to show appreciation.

Send your photos and videos to or via social media platforms including sending content direct to me on Facebook Messenger.

I want you all to be part of this project throwing out a bit of happiness to everyone and showing appreciation to all key workers at this time.

You are all special - don’t forget it!


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