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Key Workers - I salute you

Well here it is.... My little thank you to all the key workers helping make things a little easier during lockdown.

As I mentioned in my Sunday Video last week (or perhaps the week before - each week blurs into the next a little) key workers cover so many occupations, volunteers and people throughout the UK doing amazing things each day.

When we were discussing this little project Clouds seemed the most appropriate song. Upbeat, happy and hopefully puts a smile upon a face or two.

I asked you for video footage and photos of people you wanted to salute, stand up for and say thank you and you did not disappoint. - Not for one moment did I think you would.

To all key workers - this one is for you.

It might seem a little cloudy just now but always remember there are blue skies above each

cloud and with every day we are a little closer to the end of this madness.


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