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Normality Resumed

Most would think I mean being home and grabbing an early morning walk and my daily coffee but finishing a fantastic tour with the band is only the start of a year of touring with Fiona Cuthill or with the Wets.

Normality has certainly resumed as I like nothing more than grabbing my guitar and hitting venues to promote my solo work to familiar faces and new audiences.

Starting in Glasgow on 7th June I then travel to Coventry the following day with many dates spread out up and down the country. Go and check them out!

Come and join me, enjoy the music and say hello!

Solo music with the odd Wets song thrown into the mix with Fiona’s melodic playing putting a different slant on those familiar hits.

Go and visit the tour page on the webpage and I hope to see you.

Tickets are cheap - very cheap 🤗


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