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A Brief History

Graeme grew up in Clydebank, close to Glasgow. The shipbuilding skyline to the south and Kilpatrick Hills to the north provided the boundaries for an industrial town famed for its sewing machine and ship building history.

By the time Graeme reached his teenage years, Thatchers Britain was in full flight. For Clydebank it saw a steep decline of the industries but for GC, Clydebank provided a determination to find a way out, as unemployment rose above the horizon for the local school leavers who chose to stick around.

He wasn't alone in the need to move on.

A chance encounter on the school bus in 1978 saw Graeme and Tommy Cunningham hit it off and the Wet Wet Wet storybook had its opening chapter. Over the next five years Neil Mitchell, Marti Pellow and Graeme Duffin joined the Wet Wet Wet fold.

Their common love of soul music and the rich Scottish heritage of performing live ignited a spark that was quickly setting the charts on fire.

Just like the sewing machines and the ships Wet Wet Wet were to be seen and listened to by millions all over the world

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