Graeme Clark


Mr Understanding


Catching Fire




The Thought Collector


Radio Silence

Wet Wet Wet

21st September 1987

Popped In Souled Out

7th November 1988

The Memphis Sessions

30th October 1989

Holding back the River

27th January 1992

High on the Happy Side

17th May 1993

Live at the Royal Albert Hall

8th November 1993

End of Part One Their Greatest Hits

10th April 1995

Picture This

1st September 1997


8th November 2004

The Greatest Hits

12th November 2007


25th November 2013

Step by Step - The Greatest Hits

30th October 2015

Picture This - The Big Picture

22nd September 2017

Popped in Souled Out - 30th Anniversary Edition

The Singles

Wet Wet Wet

16th March1987

Wishing I Was Lucky

13th July 1987

Sweet Little Mystery

23rd November 1987

Angel Eyes (Home and Away)

7th March 1988


2nd May 1988

With a Little Help from my Friends

18th September 1989

Sweet Surrender

27th November 1989

Broke Away

26th February 1990

Hold Back the River

30th July 1990

Stay with me Heartache (Can't Stand the Night)
& I Feel Fine

2nd September 1991

Make it Tonight

21st October 1991

Put the Light On

23rd December 1991

Goodnight Girl

9th March 1992

More than Love

29th June 1992

Lip Service

26th April 1993

Blue For You (Live)/This Time(Live)

25th October 1993

Shed a Tear

27th December 1993

Cold Cold Heart

9th May 1994

Love is all Around

13th March 1995

Julia Says

5th June 1995

Don't Want to Forgive me Now

18th September 1995

Somewhere, Somehow

20th November 1995

She's all on my Mind

18th March 1996


10th March 1997

If I Never See You Again

2nd June 1997


4th August 1997

Yesterday/Maybe I'm in Love

1st November 2004

All I Want

5th November 2007

Too Many People

4th February 2008

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