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Happy New Year

Just like to wish everyone of you guys a bright and prosperous New Year.

Especially everyone who has contributed in any way of buying a ticket for any of the shows, to spending your hard earned on a hoodie, Cd or a Calendar. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you

We all have shitty things to deal with, but it’s been a great year for me

What a fantastic year, who’d’a thunk-it?

We all have crappy life things to deal with from time to time, but that said, life’s good.

This time last year I was wondering if anyone had 100% for anything. But, we found it, somewhere somehow, (okay let’s not use our cliché) through a talented guy called Kevin Simm.

We all spent some time together with Kevin in November. Lots of pressure was landing on his shoulders and we all wondered how he’d hold up.

You never really know how anyone will cope under pressure plus that stuff can do funny things to people. But in those 10days as we watched Kevin in rehearsal, growing into the music, finding his way through the songs we all realised he was very capable.

But what I didn’t realise was just HOW capable he was.

On the whole most folks have taken Kevin into their heart and soul. Let’s be honest, some folks expressed their opinions. I believe these opinions were a personal belief and were not always based on fact or personal experience.

Well folks we all know sometimes you’ve got to sail through a hurricane to see the rainbow.

To say that I am beyond excitement for 2019 is 100% right. The pleasure in playing our music is still with me today as it was when I first started with the bad haircuts of the early 80’s.

Spring 2019 tour with Kevin chanting and writing new music.

Finding new ideas is challenging but it’s the driving force that’ll take us down the new road of creating new verses and chapters for this amazing band.

Last thing, let’s remember to be nice to each another. I hope this year brings you everything you’ve ever wanted.

Aw ra best and a Happy New Year.


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